Questions To Ask Your San Pedro Bail Bonds Company

Bail bonds and bail bond companies, are not usually a topic that most people converse about on a regular basis. In fact, it’s not usually until someone is arrested that the topic is thought about. Most people will naturally feel stressed, upset and even panic during such a situation. In the event that you, or a loved one has been arrested, you should contact a reputable bail bonds company such as San Pedro Bail Bonds.

Apart from gathering vital information about the defendant, and giving that to our bail bonds company, there are also some questions that you will want to ask any bail bonds company. You need to make absolutely sure that you understand the process, what is involved, and what part you play in it if you are going to co-sign for a defendant’s release on bail.

San Pedro Bail Bonds is a professional, licensed, and experienced bail bonds company motivated by our desire to assist clients secure a release from custody. We always ensure that defendants can access the help they need, right when they need it. Being the premium bail bonds company in Southern California, is a guarantee to all clients, that they are in the very best hands in the bail bonds industry.

San Pedro Bail Bonds will guide each and every client through the entire bail bond process. Clients will never be left to face things on their own. We will explain every part of the process, what your obligations are, and the consequences of not following them. There are also questions you should ask, just to make sure you understand where you stand, and what you can expect.

  • How much are the fees? In California, the amount a bail bonds company can charge is regulated by law. The fees are normally 10% of the total amount of bail. In other words, if the bail has been set at $25,000, then the bail bond fee will be $2,500.

  • How quick is someone released from custody? This will depend very much on how busy the law enforcement station doing the booking process is. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours. It is always best to be patient, and let the bail bonds company do their job.

  • Are you a licensed Bail Bond firm? This is a very important question for anyone to ask of a bail bonds company or agent. In California, bail bond companies, and bondsmen have to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance, before being able to operate legally. You will want to see the license before proceeding.

  • What are the responsibilities of the “indemnitor”? This is also a very important question. If the bail bonds company has not already explained what your responsibilities are, make sure you ask. If you have bailed someone out of custody, you have accepted full responsibility for the defendant.

  • What if the defendant doesn’t show up to court? This is again, another important question, and one that your bail bonds company should explain to you. If they don’t, then you need to ask so you know what the consequences will be.

San Pedro Bail Bonds will always explain every detail of the process to you. No detail will be left out. We need you to know exactly how the process works, what your part in it is, and what the consequences could be if conditions aren’t met. You will never be left in the dark when dealing with our professional firm.

It is advised to keep our number somewhere handy, just in case you ever need it. The number to call to get the assistance you need, right when you need it is, (310) 405-0827. Even more valuable information is available on our website.